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You’ve been building and advancing your business.

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The Memphis Business Hub for Creatives Program, a partnership with Rutgers Business School Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CUEED), offers creative entrepreneurs 360 degrees of opportunity and access.

Launching Fall 2018

Don’t miss your chance to strengthen and expand your business locally and beyond.

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The Memphis Business Hub for Creatives Program is designed to give local creative entrepreneurs access to business training and mentors, special guest speakers, and networking opportunities.

The MBHC Program will feature business-oriented classes, from Etsy workshops to Soundcloud 101, all focused on providing Memphis based creative entrepreneurs with the business skills needed to accelerate their enterprises.

The first cohort of Founders will be made up of 20 entrepreneurs who will be accepted into the program.

Applications will be available early August 2018.

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Meet Our Ambassadors

Memphis Business Hub for Creatives Program Ambassadors are creative entrepreneurs trailblazing in the Memphis creative economy. Each Ambassador represents a unique media and arts business, talent and expertise. All Ambassadors are united by a their common goal to build their business and wealth, fuel their passions, and become major players in local, national and global markets.






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